The Aquarian Teacher Training and Advanced Study course is a comprehensive program designed to deepen your experience and understanding of the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan (TM).  To complete your certification as a Level 1 Instructor you must fulfill the following requirements:  

Attend ALL course hours on the training weekends 

2018 January 26-28, February 9-11, March 9-11, April 13-15, May 19-21, July 13-15, August 3-5, September 14-16

Times for Each Weekend: Fridays 8:30am-6pm, Saturdays 9am-6pm, Sundays 9am-3:30pm

 Attend 20 Kundalini Yoga classes with a KRI certified instructor 

Classes must be completed between January and September 2018.  You will receive a tracking form during the first course weekend.  

Attend 5 Aquarian Sadhanas

Must be completed between January and September 2018.  You will receive a tracking form during the first course weekend.  Aquarian Sadhana is offered every Sunday at River Garden Yoga Center, in Saint Paul, from 5am-7am, for free.  You may also attend Sadhanas at Kundalini Yoga events, such as, Summer Solstice. 

Complete homework assignments

Part of your tuition costs cover the books you will need for the course.  The 3 books you will receive on the first weekend are: The Aquarian Teacher Textbook, the AT Yoga Manual and the Masters Touch.  Each month you will be assigned chapters to read and short questions to answer and turn in at the following weekend. 

You will also design 2 sample curriculum.  

Receive a 75% or better on the final exam

There is a final written exam.  We encourage you to think of it more as a time to compile and consolidate all of the knowledge you've gained over the course!

Complete a 40 day personal sadhana (at least 11 minutes/day)

You will select one kriya or meditation to complete each day for 40 days.  If you miss a day you start over counting at Day 1.  

Participate in at least 1 day of White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga courses are full day meditation experiences.  They are powerful and deeply healing.  You must complete one day of White Tantric Yoga.  You can see the full schedule of courses here.  WTY course must be completed between January 2018 and September 2019  **NOTE** This is the only requirement with and extended deadline.  ALL other course requirements must be completed October 15, 2018.