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Kundalini Yoga for Compassion

  • Yoga Center of Minneapolis 4200 Minnetonka Blvd. Saint Louis Park, MN (map)

This workshop is lead by Nicole Nardone.   

According to yogic philosophy, there are three knots that the rising kundalini energy must break through or untie on it’s ascent through the chakras. This translates as points of constriction in our bodies, minds, and lives; or doors to be unlocked on our path towards higher consciousness. The lock of the heart is one of these knots. This workshop focuses on gathering an energy of fire and friction in the lower chakras, to direct it upward towards the heart - melting the lock. This leads to living with an open heart, loving without limits or expectations, and a deep compassion for all humanity. Open yourself to this great warmth in the heart that can melt all feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear, or distrust. Experience love as your essence. We’ll practice a series of Kundalini postures, movements, breathing, meditations, and chants to open the heart. Love fearlessly!