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Kundalini Yoga and Vitality

Restore your vital energy system! Whether you’re feeling down in the dumps, anxious, fatigued, or just want to kick that caffeine habit...this workshop can help you balance your own energy the yogic way. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful energy-based technology that helps strengthen and balance the nervous system while balancing the glands of the body. The effects are felt on every level: physical, mental, and emotional. Your spirit becomes expanded as you tap into your own boundless energy. You feel ready to take on any task, challenge, or opportunity. Your zest for life returns and you feel absolutely fearless. Experience a powerful series of yoga postures, movements, breathing techniques, and meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition that help build energy in a lasting and transformative way. No prior Kundalini Yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.


With Nicole Nardone at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, SLP