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Kundalini Yoga: Awaken Your Creative Potential

According to yoga tradition, the kundalini energy is a dormant energy coiled at the base of the spine - like a metaphorical snake. Yoga and other spiritual disciplines seek to awaken this energy and move it up the spine towards the higher chakras, resulting in a spiritual awakening and an expansion of consciousness. This energy then travels back down the spine to be integrated into our lower chakras. This way, higher consciousness is integrated into our daily lives. Life becomes a sacred dance between the finite and Infinite, between heaven and earth. Kundalini Yoga releases the kundalini energy in a controlled and safe way. It balances the nervous system and other energy centers of the body. We’ll talk about what exactly the kundalini energy is and experience ways to awaken it with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. We’ll practice asana, pranayama, and meditation with mudras, mantras and more. Beginners welcome!

With Nicole Nardone.  Yoga Center of MPLS (St. Louis Park). 

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