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The Prosperity Series

  • One Yoga 721 West 26th Street Minneapolis, MN, 55405 United States (map)

Join Nicole for this special series cultivating prosperity consciousness through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

Prosperity doesn’t mean that you will have wealth, health and happiness. The best way to explain prosperity is to say it is like a rosebud when it flowers and opens up, and shares its fragrance. That’s the moment, which lasts a few days, when a rose flower is prosperous. When a man or woman is prosperous, it is the fragrance of security, grace, depth, character and truthfulness that a person can share. Like a candle emits light, a human emits prosperity.” —Yogi Bhajan

Prosperity consciousness is the opposite of neediness and greediness. Truly prosperous people are empowered, have a healthy sense of self-worth, and they are open-hearted and open-handed. In this series, we’ll explore the many practices to keep us from hoarding toxic emotions, expand our mental capabilities and creativity, and tap our vast intuition. Prosperity consciousness is essentially living in direct alignment with the Soul. It is elevating and inspiring.

Week One (7/11): Self Worth and Empowerment
Week Two (7/18): The Heart, Green Energy, Generosity, and Gratitude
Week Three (7/25): The Radiant Body for Long Term Success + Prosperity
Week Four (8/1): The Spirit of Prosperity: Intuition, Guidance, and Blessings