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Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Immersion: The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

This series is a chance to dive deeply into some of the most profound teachings of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan©. This intensive will circle around the throne of the spiritual warrior – the heart. We must start by acknowledging our broken hearts not as wounds, but as doorways into the Divine. This is where the light enters us. We’ll explore how the lower triangle (lower three chakras) and upper triangle (upper three chakras) can serve to support this sacred heart. This sacred journey, from the Kundalini Yoga teachings, serves to anchor you more deeply into your personal path of truth, your destiny. This powerful technology allows you to shift ancient patterns from the nervous system, allowing you greater freedom than you knew possible.


Morning Practice
In order to maintain constancy and consistency in the path we’re on, we must develop the lower triangle. Many of our karmas take up residence here. Through the purifying practices of Kundalini Yoga, we can release stored pain, stress, and trauma from the nervous system. In this class, you’ll be guided through powerful Kundalini kriyas that release deep-seated neuroses from the system, allowing you to be free from limiting beliefs and patterns. When the lower triangle is clear and functioning properly we have right use of power, ego is in check. We feel confident and self-uplifted, and radiantly courageous. A healthy lower chakra system ultimately supports and strengthens the heart, the throne of the spiritual warrior. Class will end with a meditation to bring power and healing to the heart in order to uplift yourself and others.


Afternoon Practice
In this class, we will dive into the upper triangle of the energy system, as well as the subtle layers of energetic anatomy: the arcline, aura, pranic body, subtle body, and radiant body. These centers rule our connection to Infinity, the unknown, the mystery of life. This is where magic happens, and ordinary and not-so-ordinary miracles take place. A spiritual warrior must learn how to lean on the infinite, to expect miracles. We will practice kriyas and meditation to clear these fields, increase sensitivity, and promote clarity. When working with these more subtle layers, we learn how to bring heaven down to earth, how to be conduits for the Divine, instruments of the Universe. This is where bliss lives and is your destiny as a human on earth.

This class will be more meditative. You may want to bring a head covering of some kind (hat, scarf, etc) to help deepen your meditation.

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