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New Moon Kundalini: Healing the Wounds of Love

  • One Yoga 721 West 26th Street Minneapolis, MN, 55405 United States (map)

The heart is thirsty for love. Always. Let the rains come.

In this powerful workshop, you will harness the energy of the solar eclipse for deep healing while practicing a Kundalini kriya to warm up the body, open the chakra system and cultivate peace.

The apex of your practice will be learning and chanting the Mera Man Lochai mantra. This is sacred sound technology, a revolutionary tool to purify, realign and strengthen the heart and soul.

The Mera Man Lochai mantra has the power to change your relationships. It helps you drop your pain, lifts you out of the normal internal chatter and emotional games helping you to authentically and clearly relate to the ones you love. It is essentially a love poem that creates a space like no other — healing, uplifting, clear, soaked in love.