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Spring Equinox Kundalini: Seeds of Light

  • Casket Art Building 681 17th Ave NE (#114) Minneapolis, MN (map)

LOCATION: Casket Arts Building – Paula Barkmeier’s Studio:
681 17th Ave NE (#114)
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Friday   6:30-8:30pm
Saturday   noon-4pm
Sunday   noon-4pm

Plant seeds of intention for your coming year.
Nourish them with light.
Cleanse ancient patterns from the nervous system.
Push up through the dark soil.
Emerge into light.
Bask in sacred ceremony and community.

BE THE LIGHT! The spring equinox is a powerful time to attune to the rising light within and around us. It’s the perfect time to be planting seeds of light. What do you want to be growing? This immersion will offer the tools and space to plant your seeds for the coming year. It’s a time to nourish your intentions with LIGHT. This light heals. This light uplifts. It clarifies our purpose. It sets us on our path with resiliency. It lets us release what we’ve been carrying through the winter. We are given the opportunity to shake the dust, clean house, make space for what we are growing. This light wants us to expand into the beings we came here to be, into our purpose, our dharma, our truth. Full. Bright. Embodied. Radiant.

We will work with the sacred energies of the four sacred directions: South, West, North, East. Living altars will be opened at the beginning of the weekend, and will stay open for our entire time together. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with these altars, bring items to be blessed by the group energy and entities in the four directions. Working with the four directions offers a very powerful container. It links us to the natural rhythms and flow of life, of the four seasons. When we synch up to these rhythms, our lives are held by something greater than us. We are allowed more support to plant and nourish our seeds.

Within this sacred space, we’ll be practicing Kundalini kriyas, meditations, and mantras for each of the four directions. These practices are aimed at clearing out the old, and making room for the new, and blessing our way forward. We’ll be working deeply on the nervous system, glandular system, and the mind. This combination allows the sacred energy to be deeply and practically grounded in the body. This is powerful evolution that takes root in every layer of your being: spirit, mind, and physical body.


We’ll open our altars to the four directions, rooting us deeply into the space. We’ll offer our gratitude for what has been, the lessons we’ve learned, our blessings. Then we’ll move into a powerful Kundalini practice for opening the heart – our source of connection to all that is. The heart is the home of light. It’s also our seat of intuitive knowing. We’ll dive into the heart of the soul in order to know what seeds are ours. What do we REALLY want to be growing? Not what does the ego desire and crave? But what does the soul LONG FOR. These seeds, pulled from our heart of heart, are potent creative fires.

We’ll dive into the South and West directions. Our practice begins with shedding the old. The South offers us a chance to release our old stories. We’ll practice a kriya for releasing cellular memories and pains from the nervous system and brain, rewiring you for LIGHT. The South is also where we connect to your essential vitality, the kundalini force, your fullest creative potential. The West offers us a chance to shift our thinking. When we confront our fears, they vanish. They are disempowered, and our true source of power rises. Our meditation practice for the West will focus on liberation from fears, self-deceit, disempowerment, and disconnection from JOY!

We’ll dive into the North and East directions. The North offers us a place to seek guidance. We attune to our intuitive force. Our practice will focus on listening deeply to the voice within, to our deep knowing. Cleansing the nervous system of long held stress and trauma, we are once again able to hear our deepest answers and prayers burst forth into creation. The East offer us a blessing on our journey forward. It offers us vision and manifesting power as we water our seeds. We have shed the skins, we have confronted fear, we are armed with deep wisdom…the East empowers us with deep, unabiding LOVE. Held in the arms of the four directions, our path forward is blessed and open.

It is not possible to register for single sessions. One class adds on the one before it to create a deep, powerful experience. We’ll move through the entire medicine wheel. For the journey to be complete, you must revel in each direction.

Space is very limited for this experience. We’ll have an intimate group. Sign up soon to reserve your spot.

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