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Lunar Kundalini: Sexuality + Creativity

  • Performance Art Center (map)

Sunday, April 30th
Center for Performing Arts

$40 or $70 for both Lunar Kundalini workshops


Register for 4/30 only ($40)

Register for both 4/23 and 4/30 ($70)

The second of a two part workshops series on Kundalini Yoga + Meditation for Women. Workshops can be taken together or a la carte.

In this second workshop, we will focus on the role of creativity and sexuality in a woman’s life. According to the yogis, the main use of the sexual energy was to repair and rejuvenate all the organs of the body. In this workshop, we’ll practice a kriya and meditations to awaken and balance the powerful, sacred sexuality of woman, and channel this potent energy into deep and regenerative self-healing and spiritual awakening. This practice can also powerfully open the flow of sexual energy if it’s been blocked.

In awakening this basic sacredness of our sexuality and creativity as women, we are lifted into our true power, we drip with love, and we are sovereign. From this place, we heal, we create, we love, and fall in love with all that is.