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Aquarian Mastery – Ten Yogic Bodies Kundalini Immersion

  • One Yoga 721 West 26th Street Minneapolis, MN 55405 USA (map)

Aquarian Mastery – Ten Yogic Bodies Kundalini Immersion

Friday, January 5th   6-8pm
Saturday, January 6th   12:30-4:30pm
Sunday, January 7th   12:30-4:30pm
One Yoga
One Yoga Member Rate: $160 for the entire weekend OR attend sessions a la carte (see individual workshops for pricing)
Non Member Rate: $200 for entire weekend OR attend sessions a la carte (see individual workshops for pricing)

Dive in to some of the most transformational teachings of Kundalini Yoga to begin 2018. The energy of this year vibrates to 11 according to tantric numerology. This represents mastery. We are each being called forth to master our own path, our own energy system, our own karma and dharma. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (Hopi Elders). According to Yogi Bhajan, we’re entering a time of Aquarius energy, where each of us must remember what we came here to do, what unique brand of mastery we have to offer the world, to have the courage and trust to bring that forth. We are experiencing an internal and external revolution. This inner, yogic work helps support this shift. It will be especially crucial in this coming year to step into our genius. The world is calling us to show up more fully, in our humanity and divinity.

This intensive is centered around the 10 bodies. The 10 bodies are a yogic map of the human system. It helps us to navigate, empower, understand, and optimize this incredible system we have been born into. The 10 bodies include one physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies. In this immersion, we’ll explore which bodies are your strongest. This is your genius, meant to be tapped consistently so you can show up and live your dharma (purpose). We’ll also discover how to tell which bodies get off balance for you and what you can do to find alignment and balance. These are the areas you tend to leak energy, time, resources. When the leaks are stopped, you have more energy, more genius. You’ll have the chance to dive deeply into these yogic tools and discover how they can support your health, happiness, and connection to all that is. This experience is designed to give your entire human energy system an activation and upgrade for the new year.

If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


Sunday 1/7 12:30-4:30pm
One Yoga Member Rate: $72 or $160 for entire weekend
Non Member Rate: $90 or $200 for entire weekend

We are even more than our physical bodies and minds. We contain energy fields that hold and hook us into our true identity. And yet, all 10 bodies work together. Exploring the energy bodies, balancing them, understanding them, can be like gathering energy, resources, and bringing them back to the hearth of the body. This makes our physical and mental existence deeper, more filled with ease, and a sense of connection with something more. In this workshop, we will explore specific practices that activate the arcline, aura, pranic body, subtle body, and radiant body. You’ll get to assess which bodies might be weak or strong, what to do to balance them, and get an experience (from the inside out) of each body. These more subtle layers of existence allow us to open to the mystery and magic of life. We begin to merge with the greater currents of the Universe. We are carried by vastness, knowing, and LIGHT. We become great attractors, drawing to us what we need to fulfill our work on the planet. We can call on resources, healing energy, intuition, and deep confidence when we need it. The subtle energetic layers are where we get to play. Life has expanded beyond what we know with our five senses, and out into a wider, deeper knowing that can move mountains and make miracles. We are light on earth, rooted in Spirit and body.