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Aquarian Age Kundalini

  • Center for Performing Arts 3754 Pleasant Ave Minneapolis, MN 55409 USA (map)


Revolutionary practices for a changing world.

According to Kundalini Yoga, we are experiencing a transition to the Age of Aquarius, an age wherein revolutionary changes will take place. The earth’s magnetic fields are shifting, information is pushed towards us at warp speed, and consciousness is developing faster than ever. It can be a time of intense stress and destruction as old structures fall away to make room for what is being birthed. One of the biggest threats internally of this time is what Yogi Bhajan called “cold depression”, a sense of being isolated, numb, and cut off from Spirit or your own inner light.

In this workshop, we’ll address some of the effects of these massive changes on the individual and the collective. We’ll also practice kriyas and meditations to help alleviate the stress of this time.

It’s as if a tidal wave is moving through. We can either be on top of it, surfing, harnessing the powerful energy that is raising all boats. Or, we can be on the bottom of the wave, feeling crushed and powerless. Our work in this special class is to make you a powerful light bearer in this time, to balance the glandular system and the nervous system so you can hold the massive doses of extremely high vibrational energy coursing through. Riding this wave and harnessing this force, your creativity can hit an all time high, your radiance can glow brighter than it ever has, you can rise into your dharma, the work you came here to do.