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Kundalini Series: Tantric Numerology and the Ten Bodies Yoga - 6 Week Series

  • Imbue Yoga 2223 East 35th Street Minneapolis, MN, 55407 United States (map)

PRICING: $175 for all 6 (register BEFORE Jan 30th) --turns out to be $29 per class! (for 2 full hours!)
$195 for all 6 (if registering AFTER Jan 30th.)
$30 to drop-in (if there is room.)


"There is a wisdom that is the harmony of your being. It resounds the music of your spirit and spreads like waves to everyone in your vicinity." ~Yogi Bhajan

We could all use more inner knowledge and self awareness to assist us on our way. Ancient practices were experienced by the yogis to bring us tools that are still relevant in today's world. Tantric Numerology and the Ten Bodies system were brought to the United States by Yogi Bhajan in the late 1960's. These philosophies and practices continue to shed light to one's personal essence and help to make the path clear.

In this series, we will learn how to determine out Tantric Numerology. I will give you the formula to access your five Tantric numbers; the Soul, the Karma, the Gift, the Destiny and the Path. These will become insights into your spiritual makeup and a guide for the practices that support your highest potential!

Once we have determined our Tantric Numerology, we will dive into the supportive system of the Ten Bodies to experience practices that support each individual number. These will be tools you can learn here and cultivate over time to bring out your most conscious, radiant and brilliant self.