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New Moon Kundalini: Self Love

  • Center for Performing Arts 3754 Pleasant Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55409 United States (map)


A new moon in Taurus calls for epic self love. This period of time is called the dark moon, perfect for resting, dreaming and feeling vast and open. Taurus energy wants us to feel deep self worth, grounded in the body. When we deeply understand our worth, abundance flows to us. This shining lunar weekend is all about giving ourselves what we need.

We’ll practice kriyas and meditations for balancing the major organ systems of the body, balancing the nervous system and glandular system and inviting the healing force of kundalini to flow through the body. We’ll also focus on re-teaching the subconscious mind that your body is worthy. Worthy of rest. Worthy of health. Worthy of abundance. Worthy of beauty. Worthy of pleasure.

These powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga allow the message of worth to be received on a deeper level than normal affirmations or self care can reach. These practices are profound, rooted in the nervous system.

We’ll end with a delicious gong bath to integrate the practices and let you swim out into the unique moon medicine you have access to during this time.