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Kundalini Yoga + the Ocean of Oneness

  • Yoga Center of Minneapolis 4200 Minnetonka Boulevard Saint Louis Park, MN, 55416 United States (map)

$40 or workshop package
When we are connected to all of life, we feel vibrant, alive, creative, intuitive, and deeply rooted + connected. We feel secure in ourselves because we have taken our place in the circle of things. We have arrived fully home. We realize there is no lack, no unresolved need, desire, or want. We are full. We can also see our unique strand of oneness. We can see how the Universe has made us uniquely US. And we see no need to compare, or strive, or become something we are not, because we see that we are already perfect as we are. This idea of connecting to Oneness is at the core of many spiritual traditions. We’ll explore this concept as it relates to Kundalini Yoga, through specific practices that tap us into that force. We’ll practice physical asana, breath work, meditation, and more to allow this FEELING of oneness to land in the body, not just to remain a philosophical concept. Come to connect. Come to grow. Come to realize you are perfect.