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Spring Equinox + New Moon Rebirthing

  • Center for Performing Arts 3754 Pleasant Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55409 United States (map)


The most fertile new moon of the year! This new moon in Pisces lands just days before the Spring Equinox (first day of spring). Steeped in magic, this is a powerful day to set aside time for rebirthing practices, journeying, and intention setting. How you align on this day can set the tone for the next moon cycle or even the next year!

With the new moon (and sun) in Pisces, the time is right to dive deep into the transcendental realm through self hypnosis and rebirthing practices to help you clear the subconscious. These powerful practices work the subconscious layers of the mind in freeing stored memories and patterns that limit you. The result can be a powerful release of the past, overcoming obstacles in your current life, an awakening, and a rejuvenated sense of presence and purpose.

Come align with the powerful energy of this Spring Equinox portal, attune to the earth’s rhythms. Come with an intention you’d like to see manifested during the next moon cycle or year. Or simply come with an open heart and mind!