3HO - Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization

Library of Teachings - An exceptional resource for kriyas, meditations, and Yogi Bhajan talks/lectures. 

Spirit Voyage - A resource for all things Kundalini Yoga. Music downloads, Mantrapedia, books, clothing, etc.

Kundalini Research Institute




Check out some of our favorite artists: 

  • Sada Sat Kaur
  • Jai Jagdeesh 
  • Sat Purkh Kaur 
  • Gurunam Singh 
  • Simrit Kaur 
  • Ram Singh
  • Nirinjan Kaur (Canada)
  • Mirabai Ceiba
  • Saranpreet Kaur
  • Benjahmin
  • Singh Kaur





Coach.Me - check off your sadhana, give others props

Sadhana Tracker - track your 40-day practice! 

My Kundalini - An all-in-one tool for your daily yoga, including timers, music, and more. 

Japji for the Aquarian Age - Easy-to-use Aquarian Sadhana tool with a transliteration of Japji, tracks to chant with, pages to help you learn Japji and sadhana mantras.

Insight Timer - Meditate with others around the world, and end your session with pleasant sounds like Tibetan bowls.

Gurbani Anywhere - get a daily hukam



Enlightened Bodies, by Nirmal Lumpkin & Japa Kaur Khalsa

Tantric Numerology, Kirn and Guruchander

Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nirvair Singh

Every Day Grace by Sat Purkh Kaur

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as interpreted by Mukanda Stiles


Local Studios

Saint Paul

River Garden Yoga Center



Svasti Yoga

Imbue Yoga

Nokomis Yoga

The Yoga Center Retreat

One Yoga